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The Powrmatic Difference

Powrmatic is committed to providing the very best, highest quality heating, cooling and air cleaning solutions for your business that are built right the first time down to the very last detail, since 1927.

More... Powrmatic's Thermal Economizer (TE)    

Powrmatic's Thermal Economizer (TE)

Ideal for large warehouses and manufacturing facilities, Powrmatic's Thermal Economizer’s (TE) advanced engineering promotes high air flow for heating & cooling uniformity and efficiency that cannot be achieved by conventional units.

More... Circulated Air/Make-Up Heaters    

Circulated Air/Make-Up Heaters

Powrmatic's make-up air heaters bring in fresh, outdoor air, then condition and filter it to make up exhausted indoor air, improving efficiency, comfort, air quality and your bottom line.

Industrial/Commercial Heating

Powrmatic offers a variety of customized, energy-saving industrial 200,000 to 4,000,000 BTU heating systems that improve employee comfort and your bottom line.
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Air Cleaners

Improve employee productivity, health and energy efficiency with one of Powrmatic’s outstanding air cleaning units.
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Powrmatic’s flagship Thermal Economizer (TE) cools large enclosed areas with 15 to 200 tons.
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Custom Products

Most of Powrmatic’s heating, cooling and air cleaning devices can be specially engineered and customized to fit your facility’s needs.
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